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Started in Miami,Florida aka the bikinis-bodies capital of the USA, Elite Fitness Boxing
brings you the only training capable to help you build a great body while developing the
mindset of a winner.
The professional boxer is the best-trained athlete in the world. *  To succeed in boxing,
these athletes work daily to perfect their cores, techniques with amazing strength and
stamina. A boxer’s training regimen boosts his cardio, endurance, and core. More
importantly, boxers trainings are designed for them to lose, gain or maintain their
weights while remaining strong and fit.
Through its exclusive access to some of the best boxing and kickboxing coaches in the
United States, Elite Fitness Boxing brings you classes that are designed to burn the
maximum calories, tone your body, all while increasing your strength and stamina.
Try Elite Fitness Boxing today and tap into your potential by fusing boxing techniques
with state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch coaching, supported by a motivating
community of fitness enthusiasts you won't find anywhere else. Regardless of your age
or fitness level, we'll help you achieve your goals with strength, courage, and discipline

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We strive to provide the highest quality fitness experience by designing the best trainings best trainers train in the best environment

Everyone, regardless of natural physical abilities, can achieve their fitness goals if they are motivated and challenged in the right way

Every challenge and obstacle you face in Elite Fitness Boxing will make you stronger, healthier and one step closer to your goals